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To expand our horizons and achieve the highest level of wellness for every person classified as one of our consumers, employees and clients.

Employee with a client


We are pleased in your interest with MarShannie's Home Care. Through here we want you to become acquainted with the services our agency provides to homes in our community. MarShannie's counts with high qualified personal to cover all your needs at home. MarShannie's count with interpreters to fit the needs of our consumers. 


Our Mission

To reach our as many people and to offer each person quality service with responsibility and love that every human being deserves. Moreover, be the difference in the lives of those who will become part of our agency.

Our Vision


What Marshannie's represent to the people.












ctivate compassion, love and dedication in what you do daily. Activar la compasión, el amor y la dedicación en lo que realizas diariamente.

espect for employees, consumers and general public. Respeto a los empleados, consumidores y al publico en general.

atisfaction, is the value of the action that is done in the face of adversity. Satisfacción, es el valor de la acción que le hace frente a la adversidad.

onesty with your customers, suppliers and competition. Honestidad con tus clientes, proveedores y competencia.

utocracy to be able to detect in time errors that may affect our agency. Autocracia para ser capaz de detectar errores a tiempo que puedan afectar el desempeño de nuestra agencia.

obility, is the value that allows us to be solidarity, listen to others, understand and help with love those who need it. Nobleza, es el valor que nos permite ser solidarios, escuchar a los demás, comprenderlos y ayudar con amor a quien lo necesita.

ducation. Acquisition of knowledge in any area. Educación. Adquisición de conocimiento en cualquier area. 

odeling a quality service to our consumers. Modelar un servicio de calidad a nuestros consumidores.

eutrality in making decisions with objectivity. Neutralidad en tomar decisiones con objetividad.

ecurity, is the value of feeling that the agency fills the expectations of the employee, consumers and the general public. Seguridad, el valor de sentir que la agencia llena las expectativas del empleado, consumidor y el público en general.

ntegrity: Be transparent. Integridad: Ser transparente.

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